baskets of ripe tomatoes fill a table at the farmers market

Prolific Tomato Plants

Tomato Is King

Tomato plants are a staple of any respectable vegetable garden, and ours was no different.

Last year, though, I finally gave up.



Giving Up on Tomato Plants

Having battled critters, weather, insects, blight, shade, dropped fruit, and on and on, it was a rare year when we harvested more than a dozen tomatoes.  After so much effort for so little return, I decided to relocate some flowering perennials to inside the garden fence, and buy my tomatoes at the farmers market.

It made economic sense.

But, there was a trade-off. I missed the taste of sweet, sun-warmed baby tomatoes plucked straight off the vine and popped into my mouth. I missed the pungent smell of the bruised leaves and stems as I picked the fruit.

And, how about that happy optimism when you spot the first golden flowers promising a prolific return of fruit?

Beefsteak, Roma, Sweetie, I love them all in their own ways.

Needless to say, I’m busy propagating a few plants to try again this year.  Maybe this is my year for a prolific tomato harvest.

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2 comments on “Prolific Tomato Plants”
  1. Farmers Market it is!

  2. Stephen Rees says:

    I can relate: I had to give up on tomatoes too

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