white flowers along long stem, five petals, pink markings

What’s Blooming in Ohio’s July Woodlands and Meadows

Ohio’s July wildflowers are blooming to bright, strong sunshine.  Those that grow in the woodlands are enjoying more moisture than usual for July, here in Northeast Ohio.

That sweet fragrance is coming from elderberry flowers that are open now. The purple-leaf garden variety have already finished blooming.

blossoms of elderberry are ivory caps with compound flowerheads


chicory flowers are blue, but their petals look like daisies
Chicory is just beginning to bloom in Ohio

Morning glories in the shade of the trees look more pink/purple than the bright blue garden variety.

wild morning glory blooms in the shade of a stand of trees
Morning glory

The banks of the Cuyahoga River provide dappled sunlight that many of these wildflowers prefer.  This portion of the river is near Peninsula, Ohio.  “Cuyahoga” means “Crooked River.”

trees and low growing vegetation line the river banks
The “Crooked River”

Raspberries are ripening in the sunshine along the towpath trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

red raspberries ripen to a deep purple
Wild raspberries have larger seeds than the ones you find in the market, but also have a lot more flavor.

Biking along the towpath, a red-pink blossom caught my eye. This lily was stunning.

Canada lily's multiple blooms hang downward
Canada lily (Lily canadense)
closer look at dark pink Canada lily
Close up of Canada lily
the inside of the lily blossom is extensively speckeled
Gently lifting the blossom to get a peek inside the blossom
a stand of Black-Eyed Susan makes a bright yellow splash
Black-eyed Susan meadow
white flowers along long stem, five petals, pink markings
This looks like a campanula, but can’t positively identify
Button bush has large sphere shaped flowers
Button bush (Cephalanthus occidentalis)
White flowers along long stem
Foxglove beard tongue (Penstemon multiflora)


Hope you’ve enjoyed our tour of the valley.


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