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Ideas for a New Season: Six on Saturday, 01-13-18

Rain, snow, ice, it’s all happening this week.

So, I’ve been dreaming about what I’d like to try this spring.

growing veggies in the children's garden
Bright trellises for veggies

How about making those trellises bright? I saw these in the demonstration vegetable garden at Hershey Gardens and thought, “Why not?”

felted wool birdhouses
The gift shop offers lots of unique items, like these felted wool birdhouses.

The Hershey Gardens gift shop was offering these adorable felted wool birdhouses. I wonder if they can be hung on tree branches, or need to be under a roof overhang? I don’t like to put bird feeders out because we attract raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and even deer with them. A birdhouse, though, would be okay.

Photo of the Bottlebrush buckeye. It forms a dense border with its large, palmate leaves.
The Bottlebrush buckeye forms a dense border with its large, palmate leaves.

I saw this amazing shrub at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. It’s called Bottlebrush Buckeye (Aesculus parviflora) and it would make a fantastic deer-proof hedge. I can’t find a source for it, though.

Crocosmia "Lucifer" in mixed flower border
Crocosmia blazes in the August garden at Stan Hywet Hall Gardens

While touring Stan Hywet Hall gardens, this crocosmia caught my eye. I snagged some at a closeout sale last year. I hope it survives our unusually cold winter.

blue petunias
Botanical blues

I’m thinking this color combination would make some stunning patio planters.

Senetti cineraria is a vivid purple color
Senetti cineraria at the Chicago Flower Show

Senetti are another option for patio planters, and fit the cool color scheme.  These are bright enough to plant in front of the house, to be seen from the street.

Just looking at these ideas is getting me excited for a new growing season!

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2 comments on “Ideas for a New Season: Six on Saturday, 01-13-18”
  1. cavershamjj says:

    Ooh, liking the purple wig-wam. Not sure I can be bothered with such fancies on the veg plot. To grow a rose up though? For sure.

  2. Lora Hughes says:

    Your Six reflect what most of us are doing this month. I really like the botanical blue border so much, the colour scheme may appear in my garden this year. As to the felt bird houses, they’re very cute, but how would they survive the weather? I’d imagine them absorbing rain & melted snow, not being very warm & snug for the birds. Did they have some type of inner fabric?

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