Making Every Garden Border a Potager: Six on Saturday 5-19-18

The Fenced Garden Is Valuable Real Estate

Blue pulmonaria, rhubarb and forsythia fill the garden with texture and color

Last year, I mentioned that I would try to grow some veggies and herbs outside of the “garden proper,” and save the fenced in beds for shrubs and perennials that our woodland friends like to eat.


I have potted some tomatoes and cucumbers to grow on the deck, and moved herbs around the outside of the fence and in various borders around the house.

So far, nothing has been munched. Hooray!


Basil, Basil Everywhere

Two basil seedlings planted in a flower border

I’ve got basil growing in the front, along with rose bushes.  Why not? Basil looks good all season long.

Basil is planted with rose bushes
Basil planted with roses.

Oregano and mint growing outside the fence

Parsley, oregano, mint, and lavender are growing in the border around the garden fence.


Onions and Chives, Oh, My!

Chives are ready to bloom in the border next to the deck.  As an added bonus, they are even closer to the kitchen than they were before!

Chives in the deck border showing lots of flower buds.

Onion sets have also gone into the same area.  The border contains rich soil and is within easy reach of the hose, so they should be very happy here.

Another “outside-the-box” thought that occurred to me: Does every tomato plant have to go into the same bed?  Why not design the gardens more like pots, or flower borders, where you mix it up a bit artistically?  For me, the only problem would be remembering where it all is.

The photos will definitely help.

I’m optimistic that this new approach will turn out well, and give me more room to protect the plants that need more TLC.

Stay tuned for updates!  And, visit The Propagator for photos from gardens all over the world.


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4 thoughts

  1. Tomorrow I’m going to plant my garlic chives and perhaps ordinary chives out in the flower garden. Not even sure why we grow them in pots.

  2. The first photo is very nice and you’ve lots of herbs to enjoy. I think putting vegetables in flower beds is a great idea. What is that plant with the spotty leaves and blue flowers?

  3. So many tasty vegetable and herbs… ! Your basil is so ahead of mine.. I’m jealous. ( I am comforted by the fact that my cucumbers and tomatoes are well : but a tomato with balsamic vinegar without basil… sigh…)

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