red geranium

Six on Saturday, 10-21-17

The geranium survived a herd of deer passing through the yard yesterday. It’s one of the bright spots left as the season winds down.

aster "Frikartii"

Six On Saturday 9-30-17

Honestly, I tried to see why this is called turtlehead and never got it – until I looked closely at this picture!

Clover mixed in a grass lawn

Clover In The Lawn Diet: Should You Plant Clover In Your Lawn? ?

Thinking back to my grandparents’ yard, I don’t recall that they ever applied fertilizer.

Korean lilac blooms in May and gives off a sweet spicy scent

Choosing Great Plants for Your Garden: May Edition

The May garden is fresh and green. It’s one of the best times of the year here in Northeast Ohio.