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December in the Garden

There are still window screens to take down, pots to clean out,  and the fountain to drain.

Six on Saturday, 10-21-17

The geranium survived a herd of deer passing through the yard yesterday. It’s one of the bright spots left as the season winds down.

Six On Saturday 9-30-17

Honestly, I tried to see why this is called turtlehead and never got it – until I looked closely at this picture!

June In The Garden

The berries must love the rain, because they’ve never looked this good.

May in the Garden

“Who loves a garden still his Eden keeps” — A. Bronson Alcott It is a refrain that occasionally flits through my thoughts.  Not just when I’m in the garden, but sometimes when I am reading, or cooking, or thinking. Today, it is raining again. We’re stuck in one of those weather loops. It is much worse…