Veggie Wraps Inspired By Au Bon Pain

Going to the doctor is not fun. Ever since I was a kid, the incentive was some kind of reward. This psychology has become deeply ingrained, though the rewards have changed. (I first typed, “teats.” Interesting.)

The office happens to be located near Au Bon Pain. That was my self-promised treat, more appropriate in that I was determined not to eat before my visit (the scale, you see).

After the dreaded appointment, I wasn’t so keen for bakery. Ha.

I started looking through the restaurant’s displays, reading calorie counts and prices. For a fast food set up, I found it pricey. Such is the cost of “fresh.”

I settled on a veggie wrap and cup of flavored hot tea. Both ended up being winning choices.

In fact, the veggie wrap was so good that I took the ingredient list home and reproduced it to the best of my ability. It is a decent effort, and a delicious sandwich. Amounts are not given, as it will depend on how many wraps you make, and your tastes.  Enjoy!

Veggie Wraps Inspired By Au Bon Pain


whole wheat or spinach wrap


Pesto sauce

Sun-dried tomato packed in oil, drained and chopped

Chickpeas (drained)


Shredded carrots

Mixed greens including Romaine, for crunch

Balsamic vinaigrette (want to make your own? Mix 2 parts olive oil with 1 part balsamic vinegar and 1 part red wine vinegar)

Feta cheese (skip for vegan and lactose-free)


Mix roasted tomato with pesto. In a separate bowl, mix greens with vinaigrette. Spread hummus over wrap, then pesto/tomato mix. Layer all remaining ingredients. Sprinkle with feta. Roll and secure (I used waxed paper and tape to “set” my wrap sandwiches). Chill before serving.


featured photo credit: Gloria Cabada-Leman

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