Hillside Trail and Muir Woods National Monument

Muir Woods is a truly special place.  Just about an hour north of San Francisco, it seems more like hundreds of miles away.

It’s as if the Golden Gate Bridge is the end of modern civilization, and you are travelling back in time.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Alone

Muir Woods National Monument Is A Busy Place

The National Monument itself is busy with tourists getting close up to the California Redwoods.  You certainly won’t be alone!

But, if you are a hiker of modest ability, continue on the Main Trail a couple of miles, and you will leave those crowds behind.

A Trail with a View

A misty view of the Pacific from the Main Trail to the Hillside Trail
Getting to the top of Bridge 4 connector

Cross Bridge 4 and pick up the Hillside Trail heading south.  As we topped the steep incline from the Main Trail to Bridge 4, we came upon the most beautiful views of the Pacific, framed by evergreens.

You can either take Bridge 2 back to the Main Trail, or walk the fire road to Bridge 1 and make a loop.

Trail along the ridge offers views of the surrounding wooded hills
Feeling alone on the Hillside Trail

Alone and on top of the world!


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5 thoughts

  1. Ha, I’m surprised you didn’t say that they were all stumbling around, looking at their phones!

  2. I’d love to get back there, even the climate is my style

  3. Loved Muir Woods. And you’re right: it was pretty busy. Our walk to the car was nearly as far as our walk on the trail. We walked through the woods with our heads titled back most of the time, marveling at those majestic trees. What puzzled me were the number of people walking the trail, talking to each other, not even noticing the trees. Wish we had more time to continue up the trail as you did. Perhaps next time….

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