What Does Facebook Owe You?

The stock’s value fell about 14% between Monday and Friday, following news that Facebook had suspended Cambridge Analytica for data use violations.

chain showing links

Affiliate Links: What Are They and Why Do You Use Them?

You’ve seen phrases like this on my site and other websites:  This post contains affiliate…

How You Can Use Pinterest to Plan and Create Memories (Oh, and Organize Your Life!)

I made a section for each day in a particular city, and pinned pictures of what we did that day. Instead of being a just a planning board, it became a memory board! 

Image of Google drive options

How to Create Google Folders in Your Drive

… if you can’t find the document that holds your last genius idea, it isn’t much good, is it?

Tech Fun With Animatron

The weekend is a perfect time to play around on the computer, in between chores and soccer/baseball games, shopping, gardening…

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Why Have More Than One Email Account?

“Mom, why don’t you have another email to give out when you don’t really want to give out your email?” Brilliant.