watercolor of red and pink potted cyclamen

Love, Valentine’s Day

I still get sentimental when I pass a cellophane-protected display of pink and red cyclamen ready for purchase, or a package of lacy paper doilies.

Trees and other plants converting carbon dioxide to oxygen to produce fresh air

It’s About Breathing After All

How you breathe can determine how well you sleep, your anxiety level, your fitness, your weight, and dozens of health-related issues. We’ve known this for thousands of years.

An inspiring sunset lights up the clouds in purple and orange hues

Resolutions and Reflecting: 2020 Was Quite a Year

Quarantine has been difficult, but it has given me time to read and think. I’ve learned a few things and I bet you have, too.

blue skies and layers of mountain views in an Appalachian view

“Hillbilly Elegy” in Howard’s Hands – Different Is Good

Howard shows violence, xenophobia, poverty, and oppression in the film. He just doesn’t add his own (or Vance’s) political narrative to the story.

Oh, Boy! It’s A Girl.

My husband and I kept a watchful eye as our daughter examined her new baby brother. We had read all of the books and articles about sibling rivalry. We had gotten advice from parents of multiple children.

note card with to do list including tidying up

The Zen of “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”

With this keen understanding of how to help people better know themselves, Marie Kondo’s career has become legend.

Dog Poop Bags and Memorials: This Post Is about ME

The current trends in narcissism defy the natural half-life, almost like the collecting horcruxes.

Six kindergarten students line up for a photo.

The Beauty of Miss Shoff

My mom took me into the classroom, and right away my senses took in:

1) the smell of paste,

2) the miniature furniture, and

3) my beautiful teacher.

My Friend, Flicker, a Woodpecker Rescue Story

The bird looked so odd, like a kid hanging by one leg from the monkey bars, not knowing whether to pull himself up or let himself fall down, in order to change his status.

You Can Survive (and Thrive) on a Vacation Off-the-grid

It was warm and sunny during the day, and cool at night.  We didn’t need heat or air conditioning.  This is a huge energy saver.

The Bullies Among Us: We’ve Lost Respect for Everyone

Why are we so ready to challenge anyone who volunteers to share their experience? 

What Does Facebook Owe You?

The stock’s value fell about 14% between Monday and Friday, following news that Facebook had suspended Cambridge Analytica for data use violations.

If You’re Afraid to Reveal Your Values on Social Media, Why Are You on Social Media?

I get it – you don’t want to offend your friends, relatives, or neighbors. Is that really good enough?