Oh, Boy! It’s A Girl.

My husband and I kept a watchful eye as our daughter examined her new baby brother. We had read all of the books and articles about sibling rivalry. We had gotten advice from parents of multiple children.

No Time for Toys

So, what does a preschool age child do in the care of two grandparents all day?

Now that I think back on it, quite a lot.

Our War Is from Within

The war is not fought against unknown invaders or foreigners

The war is here, it is us.

The Beauty of Miss Shoff

My mom took me into the classroom, and right away my senses took in:

1) the smell of paste,

2) the miniature furniture, and

3) my beautiful teacher.

My Friend, Flicker, a Woodpecker Rescue Story

The bird looked so odd, like a kid hanging by one leg from the monkey bars, not knowing whether to pull himself up or let himself fall down, in order to change his status.

What Does Facebook Owe You?

The stock’s value fell about 14% between Monday and Friday, following news that Facebook had suspended Cambridge Analytica for data use violations.

Remembering the Children and Their Teachers

Bustling around getting ready for the holidays and this post stopped me in my tracks. Read this post on YASHICA PENTAMATIC FANATIC     The children and their teachers… DECEMBER 14, 2017YASHICACHRIS Sandy Hook Elementary School Forever in our hearts. Please pause today and remember. Reflect. Take stock. Love your family. Protect the children. Do something America….