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Why Have More Than One Email Account?

“Mom, why don’t you have another email to give out when you don’t really want to give out your email?” Brilliant.

Wildflower Scavenger Hunt is Outdoor Fun For All Ages

Scavenger hunts are interactive fun and keep kids of all ages entertained in the great outdoors.

spice jars lay on their sides in a spice drawer

Forget the Spice Rack and Embrace the Spice Drawer

Honestly, how many hours of my life had I wasted searching for a spice jar?

Deer-Resistant Annuals Bring a Colorful Season to Your Yard

Brightly colored and persistently blooming throughout the growing season, it is hard for any gardener to resist the lure of annuals, even as those doe eyes watch you dig your planting holes.

Deer Resistant Perennials for the Persistent Gardener

There are some plants that have escaped deer “predators” year after year.

Spanakopita: Not Your Mama’s Recipe, So Bring on the Greens

Over the years, I have discovered that you can freeze spanakopita before baking it; when you are ready to eat it, just put the frozen, prepared pie into a cold oven and then set the oven to 350°F. It may take an hour for the pie to warm through.

Easy Feta Appetizer with a Little Something Special

Sometimes (most times), simple is best. This appetizer/side dish/salad is fantastic with pita triangles.