30 Days of Health and Contentment: Day 8

We are ready to repeat our exercise pattern today. Plan for 50 minutes of aerobic activity, of which 40 minutes should be in your target heart-rate range.

Also, plan out your menu in the MyPlate app. How are you doing on cutting back sugar? If you are having trouble, tell yourself that you can have something sweet as an evening snack, but only if you have skipped added sugar for the entire day.

Keep that sweet to one recommended serving.

Be sure to weigh yourself occasionally, and record your weight in MyPlate. It makes a good record that you will able to see in graph form as your collect data points.

Fresh Taste

Last week, I suggested a trail mix afternoon snack to get through the sugar cravings. Today, I made that snack and happily realized that it now tastes too sweet for me!

Our taste buds actually change when we change our diets. We can use this fact to help us continue on our path to health. Keep cutting back on sugar and you will be rewarded with more sensitivity to sweetness. Less equals more!

It works the same way with salt.

As you cut back on salt, your taste buds will be more sensitive to it. Then, you won’t need to add as much to your food to enjoy its flavor.

An Inspirational Story

You have probably heard of Jane Brody. She is the personal health columnist for The New York Times.

In her best-seller, Jane Brody’s Good Food Book, she tells the truth about how she turned her life around with healthy eating. She was not setting out to lose weight, but to eat healthfully. Then, surprise, she lost weight – a lot of weight.

I think of her personal story every time I’m tempted by the latest fad diet.  I have to remind myself that healthful eating and regular exercise will get me to where I want to be (healthy and happy) and I don’t have to be hungry!

Neither do you. If you are trying to reduce your dependence on sugar, and are making healthy food choices, then you are doing the right thing. You can eat a lot of healthy foods and still lose weight; but, you have to commit to reducing or eliminating the foods that are not healthy.

Don’t waste another dime on diet gimmicks. You know what works. Now, make it work for you!


This post is not intended as medical advice. Consult a doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program.

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  1. I still get tempted by the fads; but, honestly, if it worked, no one would be overweight!! Getting healthy is hard work, that’s why we don’t like it. You are so right that once you beat it, it does get easier.

  2. Love it! So true about the fad diets. I always cringe when a friend mentions them because they don’t work. It’s a lifestyle ! I go back and forth with my sugar cravings but once my tastebuds shift, I don’t crave nearly as much.

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