30 Days of Health and Contentment: Day 9

Today is a yoga day. Have you been practicing your yoga moves? I have a bit of trouble, because of my neurological disease. Still, I enjoy the feeling of my muscles stretching and holding. My favorite part, though, is the relaxation time.

Where should your mind be during this part of the yoga routine? In the old days, we were told that you should think about “nothing.” That didn’t make sense to me. It’s the wording of this direction that I didn’t understand.

It’s like when my doctor asks me if I see things that aren’t there (a possible side-effect of one medication); I finally broke down and answered honestly, “How can I know?? If I am seeing it, I must think it’s there!”

How do you think about nothing? Thankfully, someone finally provided a better instruction. It’s called “mindfulness.”

Mindfulness directs you to be in the present. Focus on your breathing, the way your body feels, what is happening at this moment. Mindfulness allows you to let go of thoughts about your to-do list, what mistakes you’ve made, and feelings of shame or guilt for those things. It lets your mind rest and relax, along with your body.

It’s no wonder that practicing mindfulness helps people deal with anxiety and depression. It can also help you to slow down and focus. It can help you make good choices, instead of using substances (including foods) to find peace.

There are free online resources available to practice and better understand mindfulness. What do you have to lose? As the following inspirational and heartwarming blog post from Tablefor5nyc reminds us, it’s never too late!

With the arrival of another new year, on January 2nd, Maxine and Laurel turned three! That only three years ago, one day past a similarly frigid New Year’s Day, they came crashing into our lives, blatant and unexpectedly early (in typical fashion), is still staggering. Starting with the initial, shocking news; so much of it […]

via It’s Never Too Late — Table for 5


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