Nature’s Masterpiece, The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge

We are all tired of winter. Yet, we must admit that snowfall creates a masterpiece wherever and whenever it falls. When I read the theme for this week’s photo challenge, “Masterpiece,” it brought to my mind how beautiful snowfall makes the world look.  Even the ugly gets treated to a beautiful crystal overcoat. Mother Nature…

Six on Saturday 2-24-18, Itching to Start Gardening

It looks as though winter is really on its way out.  Though, there is always a chance of the white stuff or hard frost through mid-May. The question of when to start gardening in our area has an answer that I don’t like. The common wisdom is start gardening after May 15th! Last year, in…

Word of the Year: Simplify

via Daily Prompt: Simplify My mantra this year is “simplify.” Maybe it’s something you have thought about doing, too. Instead of feeling deprived and living in gray, simplifying actually feels more like freedom, energy, and room to breath. I’d say its color is yellow (or pink, if you like pink).     Simplifying Means Less…

A Rose Is A Rose

I’ll share the last painting that I actually completed. 

Oxidized Bell

Once upon a time, this was a helium gas tank.   Some things get better with age! Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Letter X ? © 2018 All rights reserved. See Legalese tab for permissions.

Six on Saturday, 1-27-18: Sketches

I have great intentions, but the atmosphere isn’t propelling me into any of the gardening preparations I could begin now.