A blue morning glory blossom with white star throat and yellow center

When Do Morning Glories Bloom?

My over-zealous addition of fertilizer had cause this disappointment.  The plants put all of their energy into growing, not reproducing.  Fertilizing lesson learned.

patio table set with appetizers

Went to a Garden Party

The party honored our newly married nephew and his wife.   The garden and its cool shade provided a serene setting for the happy occasion.

a few ripe blackberries among scores of unripe red ones

Berry, Berry Good, Six on Saturday 8-4-18

I just noticed that the color theme here is red and white. In fact, those are the colors of the wild and cultivated flowers that are in bloom.

white flowers of hosta and purple flowers of tradescantia

Trimming Back Herbs and Flowers for Another Round of Bloom

I remember watching a friend as she pulled faded petals off her flowers and told me that the plants would be more likely to re-bloom because she did this.

When I started gardening, I did the same.

My petunias still looked awful by the end of July.

Day lily bloom shows a bright yellow throt with dark peach colored outer petals

Great Flower and Garden Photos With A Camera Phone, Six on Saturday 7-28-18

Not every picture speaks a thousand words, but once in a while you capture something…

Blue pulmonaria, rhubarb and forsythia fill the garden with texture and color

Play the Garden Plants “Name Game”

After you’ve mastered them, have your kiddies take the quiz.  Once they’ve aced it, send them out to pull some weeds! Ha!

pale blue petals surround the white corolla of columbine

Colorado Wildflowers – Six on Saturday, 7-7-18

The views are amazing, and a reward for the climb.  
I find the flora equally amazing. 

Sweetshrub "Aphrodite" has large cerise blooms that smell like apples

Summer Garden Heats Up (Six on Saturday, 6-30-18)

One of the best shows so far has been a one year-old sweetshrub that I sensibly protected with deer net.  It has been sending out these beautiful cerise blooms on last year’s growth.

pink petals with cream triangles in the center, and rust-colored freckles decorate the lily

Lily, We Love You! Six on Saturday, 6-23-18

Yes, I have been teased about my urn planters sporting cherry tomato plants.  That’s okay, though. I’ll enjoy popping those sweet, sun-warmed tomatoes right into my mouth while I sit on the deck reading the latest thriller.

Siberian iris is a deep purple-blue

June Garden: Six on Saturday June 2, 2018

We walked over to the footbridge he had recently built over our little creek.  There, quite clearly, where the large paw prints of a bear.

Blue pulmonaria, rhubarb and forsythia fill the garden with texture and color

Making Every Garden Border a Potager: Six on Saturday 5-19-18

I’ve got basil growing in the front, along with rose bushes.  Why not? Basil looks good all season long.

5 Easy Gardening Tips You’ll Love, Because They Really Work

I wasn’t going to risk our health, or contribute to the planet’s declining health, by resorting to weed treatments.  

a lined up display of yellow, white, and multi-colored daffodils

Daffodils of All Shapes and Sizes for Season-long Bloom

Daffodils were my favorite flowers when I was a little girl. I couldn’t imagine anything…