30 Days of Health and Contentment: Day 6, Is “Gluten Free” a Good Thing?

Hooray! It’s a freestyle exercise day, and that means you can make up anything you missed from days 1-5, and you can choose any exercise you’d like if you didn’t miss a session this week. See, you should have an incentive and no guilt!

Have you been tracking your food intake? You may actually find that you can eat more than you think and still lose weight.

We all have different activity levels, so the more accurate you are in recording your diet and exercise, the better you will become at determining what you need to keep yourself healthy and happy.

Eating Is My World

Tonight’s dinner is Lazy Chicken Caprese. I find this dish flavorful and filling, but without a lot of fat or sugar. Add a green salad dressed with balsamic vinaigrette, and you have a masterpiece of flavors and colors.

By the way, I found it easier to crush the tortilla chips in the food processor rather than by using a plastic bag and rolling pin. Also, I’ve had good luck freezing basil pistou and fresh mozzarella cheese, so that I can make this dish whenever the mood strikes.

Worried about the sodium in the tortilla chips? Look for baked, low sodium varieties – they do exist, I found one at Trader Joe’s.

It is also a gluten-free menu, though I haven’t decided whether that is important (keep reading below).

What’s with All this Gluten-free Stuff?

There are people on all sides of the gluten-free debate, but what does the science tell us?

Mostly, that there isn’t a lot of research to back up the testimonials touting the benefits of gluten-free diets.  People with celiac disease cannot eat gluten. Celiac disease can now be diagnosed with a blood test and biopsy confirmation, so the diagnosis is no longer left to a process of elimination. (So to speak!) Likewise, people with gluten sensitivity have symptoms like those with celiac disease, except that they do not suffer intestinal damage.

Everyone else can eat gluten, right? Yes, maybe, or let’s say this: Science does not support the theory that a gluten-free diet is healthier. 

In fact, people who go without gluten in their diets for some length of time may later develop sensitivity when they return to gluten in their diets!

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It has been hypothesized that some other characteristic of foods containing gluten may affect metabolism and digestion in certain people, but it probably isn’t the gluten itself. If you have digestive issues, you may want to look into the theory behind FODMAPS.

The big draw to any fad diet regimen seems to be that people are looking for the key to good health. Well, in that case, science supports the ideas of less sugar, salt, and starch. (See blog posts dated January 4 and January 6). Eating more fresh, real food will get you to where you want to be. So will exercising within the appropriate heart-rate range for your fitness level.

Sugar, Sugar

Are you eating less sugar these days? I definitely have trouble sticking to a low sugar diet when I am tired – which is about every afternoon. Dried (but unsweetened) fruits like raisins, dates, and apricots can help. This recipe for Espresso Bliss Balls, from the blog OlivesandFeta, is a great way to feel like your are indulging without adding sugar to your diet.

Do you have tips for avoiding sugar? Please share!

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Going gluten-free just because? Here’s what you need to know


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  2. I am a chocoholic, too! Worse for me, I still get pimples when I indulge too much. My guilt is written all over my face!!

  3. Sugar – our downfall at the Chris and Carol homestead. Actually, it’s dark chocolate which is sugar disguised in a brown yummy package!

  4. Sugar – our downfall at the Chris and Carol homestead. Actually, it’s dark chocolate which is sugar in disguise in a really neat color!

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