Grandma Golden’s Blackberry Bars

Blackberry bars cut into 1 inch squares

Bar cookies can be a lifesaver recipe when you need an easy dessert. These blackberry bars fall neatly into that category. I used 100% fruit preserves rather than jam, jelly, or pie filling, but any of those would work. This recipe came to me from another lifesaver. We called her Grandma Golden! When my daughter […]

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Kourambiethes (Snowball Cookies)

Kourambiethes - snowball cookies - rolled in powdered sugar

  Kourambiethes, snowballs, Russian teacakes, Mexican wedding cookies, … however you say it, they are delicious. Kourambiethes are also a staple of our holiday cookie tray. It was my son who prompted their inclusion. In fourth grade, he was assigned to bring in a food representing his ethnic heritage. Not being an adventurous eater, he […]

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